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Shure PA821B Antenna Combiners are complementary accessories for Shure PSM Personal Stereo Monitor systems. When multiple systems are required for monitoring environments, the PA821B combiners quietly and efficiently reduce rack clutter and optimize RF management for up to eight PSM900 transmitters or up to four PSM1000 transmitters when racked in a central location.

Note: PA821B replaces PA821A.


* Combines multiple PSM transmitters to a single antenna set
* Improves RF networking
* Reduces rack clutter
* Wideband operation (470–865 MHz or 865–960 MHz)
* 8 Input LED Signals (green when active; off when inactive)
* Quieter fan for significant reductions in ambient unit noise
* Temperature-sensitive fan power for significant reductions in ambient unit heat
* LED indications of signal presence and signal overload
* Passive (non-powered) antenna combining*
* Contact Shure Service Department for more detail and availability. Requires modification of unit by qualified service technician.